battle for bustle3

Battle for Bustle #3: The True Hero Emerges

There are two things that I rarely experience as a comic book fan: hate the main character so much and love his number two so much. That’s how I feel with Leigh Chalker’s Battle for Bustle #3, one of the most brilliant stories I’ve read in a while. Whilst it doesn’t have the production value …

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The Death of Heroism: Battle For Bustle #2 Review

How far would you worship an unresponsive hero? How much of your people’s future can you hinge on one man? Battle For Bustle #2 explores these details in Leigh Chalker’s latest creation. Battle For Bustle #2 is as hopeless, frantic, and mental as I remember the first one. The action has not let up, and …

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Battle For Bustle#1

This Ugly Story Is Truly Beautiful

Battle for Bustle Chapter 1 is a rare find – among the first indies that hooked my attention since starting ComX. Battle for Bustle is a unique take on the usual dystopian setting. At its worst, it is a sadistic reimagining of George Orwell’s 1984. At it’s best, it’s a distillation of what it is …

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