No Mans Land cover

No Woman Left Behind – Sheydin Dew’s No Man’s Land #1

“Game On!”  When leading roller-blading trio ‘The Queens’ decide to explore new horizons, four upcoming groups will battle it out to determine who is most deserving of their territory. Navigating what has become a toxic environment fuelled with violent rivalry, will the girls be overwhelmed by their differences or will they learn that they are …

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Dustin Schmidt – Review #1 (Maurice and the Metal)

“What in the name of Dio!” exclaims Black Sabbath roadie, Russell, after blowing the power in a competition to prove music sounds better live against fellow roadie, Verge. Russell’s body is subsequently consumed in a tragic on-stage explosion, leaving his spirit trapped inside a Walkman (that’s a cassette tape player, kids – Ed.) This all …

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