Maybe It’s All Bad: Collateral – Dear John #5 Review

Good things sometimes need an end, and Collateral – Dear John #5 is the end to this brief inspection into the human psyche. Even with this temporary ending (it’s a 12 chapter story), the chapter feels abrupt, making you ask for more. It’s All Bad is not all bad at all. It has its good …

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No Mans Land cover

No Woman Left Behind – Sheydin Dew’s No Man’s Land #1

“Game On!”  When leading roller-blading trio ‘The Queens’ decide to explore new horizons, four upcoming groups will battle it out to determine who is most deserving of their territory. Navigating what has become a toxic environment fuelled with violent rivalry, will the girls be overwhelmed by their differences or will they learn that they are …

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The Price of Loyalty: In Purgatory #2 Review

Vendetta is a hard thing to keep, especially after death. Even then, the idea of revenge lasting after you pass away is something In Purgatory #2 tries to deal with. In Purgatory #2, titled The Ghost That Haunts, is a continuation of the swerves and chicanery to further a long-standing grudge. It is painful to …

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Super Ready Battle Armour #2 Review: Life or Death?

When it comes to the modern protagonist, it’s common for them to be itching to use their super powers. It’s not always smart to do so, but the call to adventure is too hard to resist. It seems the protagonist of Super Ready Battle Armor #2 is the same. SRBA #2 is a bit of …

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Loyalty, Betrayal, Love: The Wrath of The Cursed Part 2 Review

What will you do when your loyal service gets repudiation from your master? This is the question that The Wrath of The Cursed Part 2 asks. It creates a masterful storytelling dilemma that you rarely find. Wrath of the Cursed #2 is powerful in its own right. It is a dramatic epic at its core, …

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The Death of Heroism: Battle For Bustle #2 Review

How far would you worship an unresponsive hero? How much of your people’s future can you hinge on one man? Battle For Bustle #2 explores these details in Leigh Chalker’s latest creation. Battle For Bustle #2 is as hopeless, frantic, and mental as I remember the first one. The action has not let up, and …

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Redux 3

Redux 3 – Who Are All These Costumed Characters?

The first two issues of Cyclone Redux: The Adventures of Flash Damingo & The Jackaroo, published in 2017, reprinted a more or less continuous saga from 1985 and 1986, featuring the two title characters (but rarely together). This saga is neatly wrapped up by the end of the second issue. In the third issue, rather …

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