The Brigand Review: The Proper Wrath of the Cursed Side Story

It’s another journey through the generations as today, we’re looking at another story within The Wrath of the Cursed collection. Now, we’re looking at The Brigands, a newer age take at the story of The Cursed. Whilst the story is going further away from the traditional setting, it goes closer to the ageless, timeless prologue/side …

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Super Ready Battle Armour #2 Review: Life or Death?

When it comes to the modern protagonist, it’s common for them to be itching to use their super powers. It’s not always smart to do so, but the call to adventure is too hard to resist. It seems the protagonist of Super Ready Battle Armor #2 is the same. SRBA #2 is a bit of …

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Niteside and the Rock #1 Retro Review: A Classic is a Classic

Apart from Cyclone! Comics, I haven’t had the chance to sink my teeth into older Australian comics. A good chunk of the reason for this is they’re hard to find digitally. Having not lived in Australia’s 80’s comics boom, many of these stories seem lost to time… until today. Niteside and the Rock #1 is …

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