Battle For Bustle#1

This Ugly Story Is Truly Beautiful

Battle for Bustle Chapter 1 is a rare find – among the first indies that hooked my attention since starting ComX. Battle for Bustle is a unique take on the usual dystopian setting. At its worst, it is a sadistic reimagining of George Orwell’s 1984. At it’s best, it’s a distillation of what it is …

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Toby and the Magic Pencil issue 2 cover

Toby and the Magic Pencil – Issue #2 REVIEW

Set immediately after the first issue, #2 finds Toby and his friends still on the run from his dejected dragon creation (aka ‘The Great Sid Sizzle’). Together they race in search of Toby’s brother Garth, the other half of the magic pencil, and any clues to help locate the brothers‘ missing mother.  Quick on the …

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Cyclone Redux issue 2 cover

Redux 2 – The Birth of an Aussie Comics Universe

Following an eventful birth in 1985, the infant Cyclone Comics was in for more change in 1986. Gary Chaloner, creator and co-founder, added publisher to his list of credits when McKerr Whitfield (according to Chaloner’s recollection in the preface) “went bust”. This change added financial responsibility to the mix but – as we will see …

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No Mans Land cover

No Woman Left Behind – Sheydin Dew’s No Man’s Land #1

“Game On!”  When leading roller-blading trio ‘The Queens’ decide to explore new horizons, four upcoming groups will battle it out to determine who is most deserving of their territory. Navigating what has become a toxic environment fuelled with violent rivalry, will the girls be overwhelmed by their differences or will they learn that they are …

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Redux – the return of the return of Aussie comics

Australia, early to mid 80s: something was happening. After twenty years, our comics were beginning to come back. It’s not my place as a reviewer to delve into the details or the reasons for this. Amid all the American superheroes and mutants in our newsagents and the scattered emergence of new comic shops, buyers began …

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Dustin Schmidt – Review #1 (Maurice and the Metal)

“What in the name of Dio!” exclaims Black Sabbath roadie, Russell, after blowing the power in a competition to prove music sounds better live against fellow roadie, Verge. Russell’s body is subsequently consumed in a tragic on-stage explosion, leaving his spirit trapped inside a Walkman (that’s a cassette tape player, kids – Ed.) This all …

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Toby and the Magic Pencil #01 (2018).pdf_1

Toby and the Magic Pencil – Issue #1 REVIEW

Being chosen by your father to receive the coveted family heirloom (a magic pencil) at first might seem the most desirable thing in the world. For Toby, big brother of Garth, trouble quickly arises from his very first sketch.  Almost immediately, the boys are drawn into an incredible adventure, set across strange and colourful lands …

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Originally published by The Aither Horaman No 1. features the debut appearance of Horaman, a masked superhero created by Australian writer and film producer Shayne Armstrong in 2019. The comic is written by Shayne, and illustrated by fellow Australian Glenn Manders. Born in 1970, Shane has worked for years in the film and television industries …

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Killnowski is a brutal, in your face slash fest in the style of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes. Cunningham and Cassidy have crafted a fast paced story that rockets along exploring the actions and motivations of ‘Wolston’s Deplorables’. This crocodile farming family are simply trying to make ends meet during a time …

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