Transhuman #1: The Shape of Things to Come

Transhuman is AMBITIOUS. The opening set-up makes it clear that there is a big story to tell, and this is just a taste of what’s to follow. And it’s a solid opening to what will hopefully be a long and fascinating series. Transhuman #1 Rivka’s Story introduces us to a world in the near future, …

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plan b2

Plan B #2: We Rely on Idiocy and Luck

In a comic book industry where grim, dystopian futures built on a foundation of savage betrayals and devastating tragedy, Plan B are back to remind the reader to just relax and have some fun.   We start with a little exposition, delightfully presented in the form of a half-baked agent’s briefing mixed with an action news …

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Torn Between Two Covers

We all grew up fed a stream of American films, TV series, and of course comics. Whether it was Marvel or DC, what we read was always based on American culture, locations, and language.  So, when an Australian comic came along, it was always great to read about us, our culture, and language. During the …

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Niteside and The Rock #2 Review: Losing Humanity

In the chaos of superpowered individuals, many authors’ storytelling device is how those blessed with powers relate with normal people. From Doctor Manhattan, Superman to the Dream of the Endless, why does detachment come to those with the power of gods? Niteside and the Rock #2 is a solid story about two people slowly forgetting …

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Hell Courtesan Review: Kane and Pitcairn’s Magnum Opus

Japanese history is one of the most interesting reads. Beyond stories about the samurai, the shoguns, and the royalty, among the most intriguing are stories of its historical entertainers sex workers. Their life is not only one of misery but also one of luxury. Hell Courtesan is one of those legendary stories that you rarely …

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The Flame: Re-Blazed #1 Review: Silly Throwbacks

The Golden Age of comic books is not a time that most of us were alive for. Many fans usually find these titles from back catalogues, historical pull lists, and collectibles. With that said, there are also more obscure names among heroes of this time: those who were forgotten enough that they are now public …

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Dark Nebula #9: He’s Back! Well, Sort Of…

In the early 1980s, before the rise of the comic shop, Australian newsagents were the place to go for comics. A steadily growing number of superhero, barbarian, and movie-based titles competed for space with Archie and his gang; with assorted local reprints and, of course, with the ever-present Phantom – who would outlast them all. …

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Amazing Tales #1 Review: Warm and Fuzzy Australiana

One of the most unique aspects of Australian comics is what we know as “Australiana”. The concept is the adaptation of Australian culture stories, giving them a uniquely Australian flavour. Within these concepts are stories that push for a specific local feel. Amazing Tales #1 is one of those Australiana anthologies that are rare enough …

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The Devil’s Toilet #1 Review: Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops. That little phrase is both a fairly self-evident fact and the title of an iconic children’s educational book originating in Japan. So iconic is the US translation in fact, that it has often found its way into that barometer of American culture – the sitcom. So yes – everybody needs to attend the …

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Gorilla My Dreams Presents: Lucifer Bim-Bom Review: Clowning Around

Clowns are scary, and every time they become villains, there’s a primal feeling of fear coursing down my veins. Whether they’re in movies or comic books, there’s something visceral that makes clowns feel very unsettling. Gorilla My Dreams Presents: Lucifer Bim-Bom is a spin-off one-shot for Gorilla My Dreams that take on the story of …

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