Transhuman #1: The Shape of Things to Come

Transhuman is AMBITIOUS. The opening set-up makes it clear that there is a big story to tell, and this is just a taste of what’s to follow. And it’s a solid opening to what will hopefully be a long and fascinating series. Transhuman #1 Rivka’s Story introduces us to a world in the near future, …

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The Pandemic Is Here! Bazza, The Bat, and The Drop Bears #1 Review

With the Coronavirus attacking, it’s now harder to do some monster-killing in fantasy-land Australia. With that said, it can’t stop Bazza The Bogan Barbarian from beating them to a pulp. Bazza The Bogan Barbarian seemingly has a new series called Bazza, The Bat, and The Drop Bears. Does it hold up to Bazza’s previous adventures? …

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Fox and Hound #1: Weaponised Femininity

The femme fatale is a master of weaponised femininity, and it treads the thin line between empowerment and hypersexualisation. When tastefully done, it’s one of the most powerful storytelling tools that create supremely strong women. Fox and Hound #1 is one of the most mature femme fatale heist stories I’ve seen ever. Whilst it is …

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The Death of Loyalty: Wrath of the Cursed Part 3 Review

“When is love greater than your life’s loyalty?” Wrath of the Cursed Part 3 offers a deep dive into the psyche of Cole, The Cursed, and the conflicting ideas of his love and his loyalty. More empathising than the previous generation, he now has more challenges than ever before. Even then, the story neither fails …

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Torn #1 Review: True Neutral At Its Finest

In a world where heroes and villains are hyperheroes and hypervillains, there’s a reluctant neutral that is the strongest among them. It’s hard to like villains who only care about themselves or to stay in love with heroes deluded with their own acts. Torn #1 is a story that skirts the neutrality of it all, …

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Celtic Tales – Bronwyn: The Further Adventures #1 Review

Celtic mythology is rarely represented in comic books, much less in an Australian comic book. When I saw Bronwyn: The Further Adventures, I immediately believed it to be among the most unique tales out there, and I was right. Isaac George has a beautiful story to tell through Bronwyn, and similarly gorgeous art to boot. …

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Loyalty, Betrayal, Love: The Wrath of The Cursed Part 2 Review

What will you do when your loyal service gets repudiation from your master? This is the question that The Wrath of The Cursed Part 2 asks. It creates a masterful storytelling dilemma that you rarely find. Wrath of the Cursed #2 is powerful in its own right. It is a dramatic epic at its core, …

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Toby and the Magic Pencil issue 2 cover

Toby and the Magic Pencil #2 Review: Distracted

In many stories, some heroes stumble into adventure. They are those people who push on headlong, consistently carving through their path. It seems Toby is the second type: the one where the adventure stumbles upon our hero. Toby and the Magic Pencil #2 is an enjoyable knockabout story that tries to do a lot of …

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Too Many Chooks?

Were you ever in a writing class and teacher said “I want you to write a story based on the following phrase…”? It would appear that somebody in the Reverie stable has posed that very challenge. The phrase in this case is “Too many chooks”. The result is Vamoose #1, a collection of stories by …

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This Is Not The End: Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 Review

Not all stories take long, but many tell all the right stories. Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 is not the strongest end to a tale of endless war. Even then, it’s satisfying in its own right. This supposed cap to the story of the Cursed is not the best by far. Regardless, the choices …

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