A Game of Thrones: Clash of Kings #13

While the battle for the crown reaches a fever pitch, Sansa plays hostess for the Lords and Ladies of Kings’ Landing within the Queens ballroom. Meanwhile, the forces of Stannis rally after the devastating burning of the Bywater, and only Tyrion and a small assortment of soldiers are willing to stand against them. The sun will soon rise, and only then will it be known who will live and who will die in this dramatic adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s – A Clash of Kings.

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Red Sonja #27

Title: Red Sonja – Issue: 27
Writer/s: Luke Lieberman
Artist/s: Drew Moss
Cover: Jae Lee

Sonja does what she never wanted to do: She fights. By LUKE LIEBERMAN (Red Sonja: The Price Of Blood) and DREW MOSS (Vampirella/Red Sonja).


Cover Artist/s: Joseph Michael Linsner

Cover Artist/s: Vincenzo Federici

Cover Artist/s: Alessandro Miracolo

Cover Artist/s: Cosplay


Bettie Page and Apocatequil’s Ring #1

Writer/s: Stephen Mooney
Artist/s: Giorgia Sposito

So you are new to Bettie’s adventures? Bettie has been many things – a model, a spy, a modern day lady of action. And in this new tale – Bettie Page In Apocatequil’s Ring – she joins a fellow archeologist to discover an ancient secret that could spell doom for the world! It’s one part Indiana Jones, one part Emma Peel, and 100 percent Bettie! This original 40 page comic book adventure is a wonderful way to celebrate all things Bettie Page!

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Sonjaversal #4

Title: Sonjaversal – Issue: 4
Cover: Jae Lee

TEAM SONJA flies toward the space-based temple, home of the gods of the universe! Thing about gods, though…they’re not always on your side. By CHRISTOPHER HASTINGS (Deadpool) and PASQUALE QUALANO (DIE!namite).


Cover Artist/s: Joseph Michael Linsner

Cover Artist/s: Vincenzo Federici

Cover Artist/s: Mayara Sampaio

Cover Artist/s: Erica Henderson

Cover Artist/s: Drew Moss

Cover Artist/s: Lauren Walsh

Cover Artist/s: Cosplay


Sacred Six #9

Title: Sacred Six – Issue: 9

After all of Lilith’s machinations, manipulations and subsequent cessation, the women of the Six are brought together by Drago to protect the vampires and ghouls of Sacred. What the likes of Nyx, Chastity and Draculina consider protection, however, are a far cry from what Drago’s seeking. And to complicate matters further, Draculina’s carrying a secret that not only puts her at odds with her uneasy compatriots but might well just get her killed. Meanwhile, the mystery of The Gardener deepens further. Plus: Continuing the origin of Nyx!


Cover Artist/s: Stephane Roux

Cover Artist/s: Raymund Bermudez

Cover Artist/s: Jay Anacleto

Cover Artist/s: Warren Louw

Red Sonja: The Superpowers #5

Title: Red Sonja: The Superpowers – Issue: 5
Writer/s: Dan Abnett
Artist/s: Jonathan Lau

FINAL ISSUE! Sonja has fought the idea of being a hero long enough. Will she accept membership into The Project…and if so, is she ready for the evil she must face? By DAN ABNETT (Guardians Of The Galaxy) and JONATHAN LAU (Red Sonja)!


Cover Artist/s: Jung-Geun Yoon

Cover Artist/s: Joseph Michael Linsner

Cover Artist/s: Jonathan Lau

Cover Artist/s: Kano

Cover Artist/s: Lee Ferguson

Cover Artist/s: Sergio Davila

Cover Artist/s: Cosplay


Vampirella vs. Purgatori #3

Title: Vampirella vs. Purgatori – Issue: 3
Writer/s: Ray Fawkes

It’s always darkest before the dawn, right? Let’s tell ourselves that, because not only is Lilith getting very creative with her “corrupt the incorruptible, end the world” plan, but a powerful new player has decided to get involved for the giggles… but mostly for the Armageddon. Things are shaping up to get massively out of hand, which is the perfect time for Vampirella and Purgatori to start fighting each other instead of their enemies-not!


Cover Artist/s: Carlo Pagulayan

Cover Artist/s: Russell Fox

Cover Artist/s: Szymon Kudranski

Cover Artist/s: Madibek Musabekov


The Invincible Red Sonja #1

Title: The Invincible Red Sonja – Issue: 1
Artist/s: Moritat
Cover: Frank Cho

Written by the award-winning fan favorites AMANDA CONNER and JIMMY PALMIOTTI, Red Sonja finds herself on a spectacular journey filled with pirates, mermaids, princesses, and political intrigue as the threat of two kingdoms hangs in the balance. All this, plus the spectacular art of MORITAT and a cover by AMANDA CONNER and PAUL MOUNTS makes THE INVINCIBLE RED SONJA a series not to be missed! With so many challenges, Sonja will need to be INVINCIBLE to overcome these odds!


Cover Artist/s: Joseph Michael Linsner

Cover Artist/s: Celina

Cover Artist/s: Frank Cho

Cover Artist/s: Cosplay


James Bond: Agent of Spectre #3

Title: James Bond: Agent of Spectre – Issue: 3
Writer/s: Christos Gage

As Bond struggles with the fallout of the previous issue’s shock ending, all bets are off. Double and triple crosses and being in bed with the enemy – sometimes literally – are the order of the day. Has Bond truly become no different than the members of SPECTRE he is now working for, or does he have a master plan that can work against impossible odds?

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