The Transformers / Back To The Future #4

Title: Transformers Back To Future – Issue: 4
Writer/s: Cavan Scott
Artist/s: Juan Samu
Cover: Juan Samu

Outmatched by the Decepticons, running on empty, and on the ropes, Marty McFly and the Autobot Gigawatt show why nobody calls them chicken! Will the final confrontation be in Marty’s future, or will he and his companions make it back to fix the timestream before the Decepticons win? Find out in the heaviest issue of the whole series!

Jerome is the nerd you're looking for - loves comic books, video games, and all things tech. He writes and does digital marketing on the side, apart from being a full-time dog dad of two hyperactive pooches.


Cover Artist/s: Philip Murphy

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