The Green Lantern Season 2 #4 (of 12)

Publisher: DC COMICS
Title: The Green Lantern Season 2 – Issue: 4
Writer/s: Grant Morrison
Artist/s: Liam Sharp
Cover: Liam Sharp

Guest-starring the Flash, as the Emerald Warrior and Fastest Man Alive put their friendship on the line to fight for their lives on a world changed beyond all recognition! Is the world ready for an attack by ptechnodactyls and the ancient super-beings known as “the Golden Giants of Neo-Pangaea”?

Jerome is the nerd you're looking for - loves comic books, video games, and all things tech. He writes and does digital marketing on the side, apart from being a full-time dog dad of two hyperactive pooches.


Cover Artist/s: Matteo Scalera

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