Sacred Six #8

Title: Sacred Six – Issue: 8

Vampirella is clearly not herself (for reasons we won’t spoil here!) and neither is ex-girlfriend Victory, the “new” Draculina who has experienced a genuine religious conversion while spying on the City of Sacred. But can Draculina hide her newfound faith from her cohort of nefarious sisters, which includes a suddenly brutal and demonic Vampirella? Also, continuing this issue: just who is the “half-vampire” agent of chaos called CHASTITY?

Jerome is the nerd you're looking for - loves comic books, video games, and all things tech. He writes and does digital marketing on the side, apart from being a full-time dog dad of two hyperactive pooches.


Cover Artist/s: Stephane Roux

Cover Artist/s: Jay Anacleto

Cover Artist/s: Madibek Musabekov

Cover Artist/s: Ken Haeser

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