Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #3

Title: Red Sonja: Age of Chaos – Issue: 3
Writer/s: Erik Burnham
Artist/s: Jonathan Lau
Cover: Ale Garza

Red Sonja finds herself in the Age of Chaos, and the talented Alé Garza is along from the ride! Get a look at the entire cast in Garza’s RED SONJA: AGE OF CHAOS #3 cover, free of book dress in this Limited Virgin Edition!

Red Sonja, paired with the half-vampire Chastity, is on the path to setting things right, restoring the timeline and hopefully saving humanity in the process. But Chastity isn’t the only strange visitor from another time; Jade, Evil Ernie, and Purgatori have all come to Hyboria as well, and they’ve taken a shine to the savage world as an easy place to indulge their dangerous natures. They may not take so well to the notion of going home. (Plus, Ernie gets to ride a dragon, which is almost impossible where he comes from.) The She-Devil’s adventure in the Age of Chaos continues here!

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Cover Artist/s: Kunkka

Cover Artist/s: Lucio Parrillo

Cover Artist/s: Alan Quah

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