Five Stars in 5 Seconds

In a world where superheros are tech savvy billionaires, other worldly gods, mutants or science experiments gone wrong (or right?), meet a young man with the power to see 5 seconds into the future every time he has to make a decision…Sound awesome?Well the answer is no and you can be forgiven for thinking that …

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Transhuman #1: The Shape of Things to Come

Transhuman is AMBITIOUS. The opening set-up makes it clear that there is a big story to tell, and this is just a taste of what’s to follow. And it’s a solid opening to what will hopefully be a long and fascinating series. Transhuman #1 Rivka’s Story introduces us to a world in the near future, …

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Words Can Never Hurt… or Do They? Word Smith #1 Review

Steampunk stories can become a dime a dozen, but not in Australian comics. They’re quite rare because the steampunk subgenre is not particularly tied to the local culture. This makes me enjoy what occasional steampunk story I find, with the likes of Word Smith. Sigmate Studio’s Word Smith is a good, fun story with a …

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