Apocalypse Then And Now: In Purgatory #3 Review

It’s rare to see the words “Four Horsemen”, “comedy”, and “fantasy” in one sentence. Even then, In Purgatory #3 has the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in a fantasy-comedy comic book! That’s awesome. In Purgatory #3, titled Apocalypse Then and Now, is the best chapter of the series so far. Not only has the quality …

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the lapwing

Wrath of the Cursed Side Stories Review: The End

Wrath of the Cursed has been quite the journey, and like all good things, we must get to an end – and it’s about time. I’ve been on a six review journey so far, so it’s time to complete the saga. Wrath of the Cursed’s last three stories – The Lapwing, Fear The Cursed, and …

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