The Flame: Re-Blazed #1 Review: Silly Throwbacks

The Golden Age of comic books is not a time that most of us were alive for. Many fans usually find these titles from back catalogues, historical pull lists, and collectibles. With that said, there are also more obscure names among heroes of this time: those who were forgotten enough that they are now public …

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Gorilla My Dreams Presents: Lucifer Bim-Bom Review: Clowning Around

Clowns are scary, and every time they become villains, there’s a primal feeling of fear coursing down my veins. Whether they’re in movies or comic books, there’s something visceral that makes clowns feel very unsettling. Gorilla My Dreams Presents: Lucifer Bim-Bom is a spin-off one-shot for Gorilla My Dreams that take on the story of …

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A Great Ape Caper: Gorilla My Dreams #1 Review

If a noir-style superhero-spoof, starring a talking gorilla Private Investigator with rage issues, and the unfortunate (and supernatural) death of a mime sounds like your kind of thing, then Gorilla My Dreams is definitely your kind of thing. And if it’s not your kind of thing, then make it so. This one is worth a …

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Perfect Supernatural Action-Thriller

There are so many comic books that use Lovecraftian lore as parts of their stories. They’re so overused, that it’s weird to find original stories about them in current stories. Yet, Cthulhu Williams #0 shines among them. Cthulhu Williams #0 is one of the finer action-suspense stories I’ve seen in a while. It has a …

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