Dark Nebula #9: He’s Back! Well, Sort Of…

In the early 1980s, before the rise of the comic shop, Australian newsagents were the place to go for comics. A steadily growing number of superhero, barbarian, and movie-based titles competed for space with Archie and his gang; with assorted local reprints and, of course, with the ever-present Phantom – who would outlast them all. …

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Most Ambitious Crossover Ever: Adventure Illustrated #1 Review

Marvel once claimed that “Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover ever. Marvel, however, didn’t know about Adventure Illustrated. Adventure Illustrated combines some of Cyclone’s most well-known heroes, and then some. From Cyclone Force, Greener Pastures, to Red Kelso, you’ll find three different types of adventures for you. Every story offers something different to the …

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Redux 3

Redux 3 – Who Are All These Costumed Characters?

The first two issues of Cyclone Redux: The Adventures of Flash Damingo & The Jackaroo, published in 2017, reprinted a more or less continuous saga from 1985 and 1986, featuring the two title characters (but rarely together). This saga is neatly wrapped up by the end of the second issue. In the third issue, rather …

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Cyclone Redux issue 2 cover

Redux 2 – The Birth of an Aussie Comics Universe

Following an eventful birth in 1985, the infant Cyclone Comics was in for more change in 1986. Gary Chaloner, creator and co-founder, added publisher to his list of credits when McKerr Whitfield (according to Chaloner’s recollection in the preface) “went bust”. This change added financial responsibility to the mix but – as we will see …

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Redux – the return of the return of Aussie comics

Australia, early to mid 80s: something was happening. After twenty years, our comics were beginning to come back. It’s not my place as a reviewer to delve into the details or the reasons for this. Amid all the American superheroes and mutants in our newsagents and the scattered emergence of new comic shops, buyers began …

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