Lauren Marshall talks Salty Peaches

Shane (00:02):
Hello, Shane here from ComX, from the ComX Calendar Project that we’re doing on Kickstarter soon. Um, I’m just supposed to speaking to Lauren, uh, to talk to her, to talk to her about her favorite pieces that she’s done.

Lauren (00:16):
Hi guys. How you doing?

Shane (00:18):
Okay. So the first picture I have here from you are a bunch of pictures, I believe.

Lauren (00:25):
Yeah. Salty peaches. So, um, yeah, that’s the official term for it, but salty peaches is actually, um, a beer can design that I did for a brewing company called Cheeky Monkey. Um, and they gave me free reign on this one. They just gave me the title and I just kind of just rolled with it and did salty peaches, as in “you bit salty that someone ruined you in any game that you’re into”.

Shane (00:54):

Lauren (00:57):
Hence all the different faces.

Shane (00:59):
Yeah. Um, so what is it about this piece that you like that you’ve picked as one of your favorite three?

Lauren (01:06):
So in terms of my favorite three, um, I think this is like the first chance that I was able to expand outside of comics, um, and exploring taking the comic slash cartoon side of my artwork and actually applying it to something that was a bit more, I don’t know, mainstream or something that was for products. So it was really challenging and really fun to do. Um, and it really was a good chance for me to understand myself, um, and explore those areas. So I, in terms of the salty peaches, like it was just a manifestation of all these different faces that I make when I’m drawing and put it into this picture. So it was, it was a lot of fun to draw it. I think, I think it was the fun aspect of drawing it. And I think my partner watching me draw it as well, he was asking me why I was so angry when I was drawing it. But, you know, when you’re drawing something, you make the same face that you drawing. Right. Um, so that was, yeah, I think, I think it was the phonics aspect that I really loved about it.

Shane (02:08):
Cool. Um, and I guess that’s what inspired you about the piece as well? Was the fun side…

Lauren (02:17):
Yeah the fun side, a hundred percent. Yeah. So in terms of like, this was good because I was actually given a subject to work with, so they gave me an idea, they gave me what they wanted in terms of the label. Um, and then it was up to me to be able to explore what that label meant to me and what it meant to them. Um, and I think that’s why it helped me grow as an artist as well, because I was able to explore that area too.

Shane (02:39):
Oh, sweet. That’s very cool. So, um, were there any challenges with this piece?

Lauren (02:48):
New area? Definitely a new area and cause I was sort of restricted to a different, um, ratio in terms of your workspace area, because it’s obviously quite landscape terms of a beer can. So you’ve got like the whole can to think about. So when you’re looking at a can, you’re only seeing one certain aspect of this can, you’re not seeing the full piece unless you rotate it. So when it’s sitting on a shelf, you can only see like the first thing that pops up so your can, could be in any certain, um, part of the can, could be showing at the front space. Um, whereas you need to kind of think about like the whole can as the piece and also as something that a consumer will see face on. So it was quite challenging in terms of thinking about like, what is the first, what is the customer going to see first? But that was the beauty of being able to create a whole, uh, label design and making it so you would look at the whole label and you’d find some golden nuggets here and there and just finding really cool out faces and something that people relate to. There’s been a really cool cause I keep getting like pictures of people taking like selfies with it and making like cool, funny faces and stuff like it was, yeah, it was, it was cool. I really liked it.

Shane (03:59):
It was really cool.

Lauren (04:00):

Shane (04:04):
Thanks Lauren. Have a good day.

Lauren (04:07):
Thank you! Thanks for having me.

Shane (04:12):
That was Lauren Marshall. She’s one of the contributors to the ComX Calendar Project that will be on Kickstarter soon. Uh, if you’d like to see her art in the calendar, just go to and that’ll take you to the Kickstarter pre-launch page where you can register your interest. Thank you for your time and have a great day. Thanks.

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