Silk #2

Title: Silk – Issue: 2
Writer/s: Maurene Goo

Someone is killing gangsters in Queens, leaving behind a trail of blood and…fur? Now Silk has to protect these low-level criminals from a bigger, nastier villain. Can she use her sleuthing skills to figure out who’s behind it all and stop them before it’s too late?

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Mighty Morphin #6

Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
Title: Mighty Morphin – Issue: 6
Writer/s: Ryan Parrott
Artist/s: Marco Renna

Still reeling from the revelation of the New Green Ranger’s true identity, the New Mighty Morphin team must join with former Ranger Grace Sterling to save Angel Grove from a new threat tied to Zordon’s surprising past.

But nothing could prepare the Rangers for the two people who stand in their way…

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Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk #1

Title: Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk – Issue: 1
Artist/s: Andrea Di Vito

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ’90s hottest hero in three spectacular stories!
First, an untold story from Darkhawk’s early days by creators Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manley!
Then explore the winged hero’s cosmic years by Dan Abnett and Andrea Di Vito.
Finally, find out what the future holds for Darkhawk by Kyle Higgins and more!

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Alien #1

Title: Alien – Issue: 1

THE ICONIC CINEMATIC TERROR MAKES ITS MARVEL DEBUT! Gabriel Cruz gave his life to Weyland-Yutani–In the case of an alien attack he barely survived, almost literally! Recently retired, Cruz is trying to patch things up with his abandoned son with the help of his friend, a Bishop-model android, but his re-entry into civilian life is not going smoothly…and his encounters with the deadly Xenomorph are far from over. Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroca team up to tell an all-new tale of the titan of horror and science fiction that has scared audiences for decades. No one is safe. No one is innocent. And no one can hear you scream.

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Marvel Zombies TPB Resurrection

Title: Marvel Zombies Resurrection – Issue:
Artist/s: Leonard Kirk

The horror smash hit lives again! When the corpse of Galactus appears at the edge of Earth’s solar system, the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four investigate. Too late, they discover that the World-Eater’s body is now the vessel of an interstellar terror – which one by one transforms Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into ravenous undead zombies! Now, the world’s remaining defenders must try to escape the super-powered, cannibalistic aberrations that were once their friends and family – but will any survive? Spider-Man made a promise to keep people safe, and he’s not going to quit – even in the literal jaws of death. But the cost of keeping his promises may be horribly high! Can Earth’s hunted heroes hope to protect the planet from an infestation that has already claimed half the known universe? Collecting MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION (2019) #1 and MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION (2020) #1-4.


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