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5 Reasons We Love Comic Shops In Australia

5 Reasons We Love Comic Shops In Australia Comic shops in Australia are some of the most iconic locales. There’s nothing that can beat in-shop experience, even with digital distribution becoming the norm. The truth, however, is that it’s easy to go under if you’re a local comic store. With Amazon and other digital bookstores …

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New Indie, W/E 14-Feb-2021

Freakenstein #1 Brought to you by Freek Productions, Meet a Rock N Roll nerd like no other….. Freakenstein takes you on the jorney you have been waiting for… you just didn’t know it. Available at: Freek Production Store Only 100 copies printed so rush in

What’s Happening in Supanova 2020

For Aussie geeks out there, Supanova 2020 is one of the biggest events of the year. Every major city will have one Supanova with them, so you’re looking at a big comic con for you. If you’re unsure what’s about to go down in your local Supanova, this is where you need to look. We …

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Spider-Man Illustration

Time to talk Spider-Man with Lauren Marshall

Shane (00:02):Hello, Shane here from ComX, from the ComX calendar project that we’re doing on Kickstarter soon. Um, I’m just sort of speaking to Lauren, uh, to talk to her, to talk to her about her favorite pieces that she’s done. Lauren (00:16):Hi guys. How you doing? Shane (00:19):So the next one I’ll go to …

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Our Mission

We’re here to grow the Comic Community in Australia and help Local Comic Shops, Local Comic Event holders and Local Comic Creators connect with that community

What You Need To Know About MadFest 2020

Madman Anime Festival 2020 is around the corner and if you’re a fan of everything geeky, this is the place to be. With four anime and comic conventions throughout Australia, this is not something you want to miss. With that said, you need to know all the tiny details of Madfest 2020 to prepare yourself …

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Devils Toilet

Rob Lisle talks The Devil’s Toilet #2’s cover art.

Rob (00:06):Hey there. Uh, I’m Rob Lisle, AKA Spedsy and creator of The Devil’s Toilet. I am here with Shane, from ComX. Who’s putting together an awesome calendar to support, not only me, but a whole bunch of Australian artists. Um, so support Shane by supporting us so he can support just everyone’s support everyone. …

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week ending 21-02-2021

New Indie, W/E 21-Feb-2021

Dark Nebula #9 After a 30-year hiatus The Dark Nebula is back & picking up where we left off. This issue bridges the gap between the past & present, collecting the short stories that first appeared in Cyclone Collectors Classics 2 as well as Southern Aurora Comics Presents, starts with an origin re-cap ‘Who Is …

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red gum

Up Up and Away… Red Gum to the Rescue

Shane (00:02):Hello, I’m here to talk with Peter from Reverie Comics. He, uh, who’s a regular on Torn. Um, he’s, uh, joined ComX in the ComX 18 month calendar. So we’re here to talk about some of his art, so we know what it is he’ll be bringing to the table. Um, I have a… …

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